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Assign_3_2 - steam It is this accumulation of steam deep in...

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A geyser is a special form of intermittent hot spring . A hot spring usually occur when underground water has come in contact with heated rocks or magma and has been forced upward through a fissure nu the pressure that develop when water is heated. Geysers usually issue hot water only sporadically and most or all of the flow is a temporary eruption in which hot water and steam spout upward. The basic principle behind a geyser’s activity involves the buildup of pressure within a restricted subterranean tube until that pressure is relieved by an eruption. Underground water seeps into subterranean openings that are connected in series of narrow shafts. Heated rocks and magma are so close, that they provide constant heat to these shafts. As water fills these reservoirs, it is heated well beyond its boiling point. At these high temperatures water turns into
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Unformatted text preview: steam. It is this accumulation of steam deep in the tube that eventually causes an upward surge that sends hot water and steam gushing out of the geyser. The eruption releases pressure, and when the eruption subsides, underground water again begins to collect in the shafts which starts the cycle all over again. Geysers are usually associated with hotspots, or active volcanic areas. The Yellowstone Caldera is one such hotspot. It is the largest super volcano on the continent. The Old Faithful Geyser calls the Yellowstone National Park its home. The Old Faithful geyser is known for its predictable timing between eruptions. In 1939 the average time between eruptions was 65 minutes but today, it is around 91 minutes. This difference of time between eruptions is a sign that the Yellowstone Caldera grows more unstable....
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