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Spring 2011 Physical Geography in the United States Assignment 3 Earth Systems 450:101 Due before class: Tuesday, April 26 (consult syllabus for late submission policy) Many parks have been established to protect significant geological features and landforms in the United States. Pick THREE such features and write a summary for EACH describing their geology, processes (wind, water, etc.), and significance. A different type of feature must be picked for each summary (for instance, do not have two summaries on different mountain ranges). Features should be in the United States. On the FIRST page include a picture of the feature along with its name. Prepare a one-
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Unformatted text preview: page summary (no longer) for the feature. The summary should not only explain the geology, processes and significance of the feature, but should also include the page(s) where you can learn more about the feature within the course textbook. Here is a checklist and grading rubric for each of the three features (15 total points for the assignment) 1. First page with picture and name of feature at the top (1 point) 2. One-page summary of geology, processes, significance (3 points) 3. Pages in course textbook where you can learn more about the event topic (1 point)...
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