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elem week 6 - M M Assignment Week 6 Exercises Date Course...

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Unformatted text preview: M M Assignment: Week 6 Exercises Date: 10/1/11 Course: Math 201 Fall B10 Time: 2:12 PM Book: Larson: Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, 5e Find the critical 2 values. Assume that the normal distribution applies. Right—tailed test; a = 0.01 Since this is a right—tailed test, the critical region is in the extreme right region (tail) under the curve. What is the area of the critical region? area = 0.01 Use a standard normal distribution table to determine the 2 value that is associated with the critical region. The critical value is 2.33 . YOU ANSWERED: 1.645 .50 Page 1 ...
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