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week 6 7.1.28+

week 6 7.1.28+ - M m Assignment Week 6 Exercises Date...

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Unformatted text preview: M m Assignment: Week 6 Exercises Date: 10/1/11 Course: Math 201 Fall B10 ‘ Time: 1:02 PM Book: Larson: Elementary Statistics: \ Picturing the World, 5e ‘ Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Identify which is the claim. A research organization reports that at most 35% of the residents of the town are college students. Choose the correct null and alternative hypotheses below. H02p¢0.35 9 HoszO.35 H02p<0.35 Ha: p = 0-35 Ha: p > 0.35 Ha: p 2 0.35 H02p>0.35 {H0:p20.35 H0:p=0.35 Ha: p S 0.35 Ha: p<0.35 Ha: pi 0.35 Identify which is the claim. 3 The null hypothesis H0 is the claim. The alternative hypothesis Ha is the claim. YOU ANSWERED: E Page 1 ...
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