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Step Pyramid, Imhotep, Egyptian Medicine Slide 2: End of Second and Beginning of Third Dynasty Two powers: (II) Kha Sekhem Wy The falcon (III) Djoser KHA (Verb) “Light appears” “Light crowns the hill” Seth-animal: Could be like the deer-antelope type creature from Sub-Saharn Africa called Okapi, no one is really sure Each one of these are called Sekhem=power Rays of the sun coming up behind hilltop, so it means twin powers are aboard Slide 3: Remember Kha Sekhem Wy also did something which was larger than what you see here. Done in stone, step pyramid’s layout is rectangular (goes one up), but instead of a tumulus, that is where you see the great structure itself Slide 4: Approaching the Step Pyramid As you approach the step pyramid, you are coming up from considerably lower to a higher area where you will see the step pyramid, 6 different layers Slide 5: King Djoser Shown in Film, this is the king himself, painted statues Famous Rhyt bird=stands for just the people, masses/mob They are under his feet The bows that you see here: People best known as bows (often called the 9 bows) These are different peoples that live in Sudan, gigantic area, He is being given credit of being supreme over the various tribes and important peoples to the south of Egypt’s border. Initially been rich and beneficial trading relationship between Egypt (Prior to King Narmar) Palestine and Nubia. They were becoming of the first dynasty, under King Scorpion. Better Archors/Better Bowmen that what Egypt had in their own army
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Bio2 - PowerPoint title(Slide 1 Step Pyramid Imhotep...

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