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28. To what family does this compound belong? CH3CH2COOH ~ A) aldehyde ~ carboxylic acid C) ester D) alcohol 29. Which molecular formula represents a saturated compound? A) C4H8Ch 0> B) C4H80 C) CSH9 D) C4H6 ( 30. This compound is a(an) __ . CH 3 CHJ6,;,o~HCH3 11' alcohol '70 a d~~~~~ ketone~~~ (9' ether' ~ . ~-~ % ester--::.c> ~ cI~Dce ~v b o '?, 31.9'Which fun~ional groups are present in this compound?
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Unformatted text preview: 10M) II CH",CH.,CHCH,.,CNHCH.,CHO . ~ ~::;;::. .-~I carboxylic acid, ketone, aldehyde eth~ [email protected] alcohol . alcohol ketone, alcohol-alcohol, an~l~e--E?'~ ;'0 ,0, e-: 32. The functional group H I c-c=o is characteristic of: W A) aldehydes B) acids ~/esters yJ ketones Page 8...
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