Pg. 3 - ~ ketones C esters D carboxylic acids 11 To what...

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Page 3 ') ( 8. This compound is a(an) __ . o CH II I 3 CH 3 -C-O-CHCH 3 !!! alcohol B) ketone C) ether D) ester 9. The functional group o I -O-C is characteristic of: ~~ aldehydes ~ acids C) esters ® CandD is cnaracteristic of: 62. aldehydes
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Unformatted text preview: ~ ketones C) esters D) carboxylic acids 11. To what family does this compound belong? OH I CH3CH:zCHCH3 A) aldehyde B) carboxylic acid );} ester 1...& alcohol...
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