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~~)? {'f\; (I {A;{' Calculus 2 Mike Huff Spring 2009 (8 points) 11. A tank contains 200g of brine with 5 lb of dissolved salt. Brine containing 0.1 pounds of salt per gallon enters the tank at a rate 0: 2 g/min. The solution is kept thoroughly mixed and drains from the {ar-o.;. at {he same rate. JLes? crt ::: O~ , (l) - . 0 1)< s: 0- z.. -.0 I X ~ (dt .J .2-.0IX/=-i-t-c, , -olt e:"fl ,I Z-. 0 Ix ' :::- e.' 0 t C- -+ C ••Z -. D t x::::. C e . b) How much salt is in the tank after
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Unformatted text preview: 20 minutes? 1-==--•• ~~ ) _-.OI(V?) ~"WtU-'Olt-t.O I I I AlW):;; 20-/5 e 5 ~lotc. ..)(lt)~ ,W t ce-.Oft ~1l n .Qb5) [j( t)$ z.o ~ IS-e' 61 1 c) As the time increases without bound, what happens to the amount of salt in the tank? What is the concentration then? ('). lib". k t.oo 6~( f)~( ~li!1O t CJf\. . ce I"l-I-r ~h 'or: .z: w.1b5 lOOjed-.0-I lbs j~'-...
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