Practice 6 - is 300°F. Three minutes later it has cooled...

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dT =k(T-T). dt o: a) Find the solution of this differential equation. J tc ~ !KJt . T-TfA in I T- fC\ ,=: )( t t G e e T- T~;:: Cze~ i. ~ . t-t'" rer) z: t, t CC Calculus 2 Mike Huff Spring 2009 (8 points) 8. Newton's Law of cooling is described by the differential equation b) Solve the IVP T(O) = 300 . 300.::: reA -\- C C :::300-10. . T l t').:: r; t- (~D 0- ~ )e~/;; c) When a cake is removed from the oven its temperature
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Unformatted text preview: is 300°F. Three minutes later it has cooled to 200°F. How long willrt take to cool to 750F? ~ 3()O-7~ T( f);: 7 S-+ u-se 31( 2r7o::: 75 t Z Z5 C ~K 12-5 :: u. < e}K. . r (t;)::: 7S t 2ZS-e:-' I q ~q t-Il-~ _ esl( tr~~- ~K s: ::: e. q 1~ I ~ J z; 31: l-n {£)-::.I1 '" -,tl5Cf ~ xv' q ." '"'- . ;...
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