Changing Markets - When talking about change or when trying...

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When talking about change or when trying to define this term, we may think about many responses or come up with many answers and meanings that describe this word. Accordingly, change may be defined as a cause of transformation; as something that becomes different in essence; as an exchange or replacement with another; the result of alteration or modification; etc. Interestingly this term has been well known for being among the most frequently used words on business pages in many newspapers around the world. When we talk about change, we may talk about personal change, economical change, global change, organizational change, among others. For example, personal change may represent a journey of discovery; meaning that you many need to find out more about yourself; how you do things, how you may have been limiting your options, and how you have been created by past and current situations of life. In a jokingly but truthful way, the only pre-requisite for starting this journey of discovery or change- is your willingness to learn and be transformed. If you realize that there is something else to learn, then you can learn it. If you realize that there are things you have not yet understood about yourself and about life, then you can understand them and experience them. Meaning that what you might learn today may be unexpected and surprising, but then again- that is the nature of discovery or the outcomes of change. In other words, attaining one’s full potential may require change. Whether it's personal change or work change, making a change requires learning new skills, developing new abilities, and finding new ways of doing things. According to Smith (2008), “If making changes were easy, then perhaps the definition of change wouldn't include "to make radically different" and the word “transformation”. Interestingly everyone we know, or let’s face it, everyone on the face of this earth has gone one way or another through some sort of change in life. These changes may include
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physiological changes, psychological changes, and social changes; in other words- overall changes within us and amongst our surroundings. Everyday we face the challenge of changing the things around us and within us, in efforts to make our lives and the lives of our loved ones become well or improved. Many of us strive to become more eco-friendly, eat healthier, exercise, reduce stress, become a better person, a better friend, and a better student or worker. As a result, we tend to strive towards making small and big changes to the way we act, react to things, or view life. Which reminds me of a time in my life where I thought I had it all, felling like I was on the top of the world, but found my self empty and without a concrete direction in life. I found my self on my senior year of high school, getting ready for collage and ready to face a new experience in life. I had been accepted to on of the best engineering schools in the country, had lots of friends, great parents who worked hard and provided everything. But every time I
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Changing Markets - When talking about change or when trying...

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