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Class, Conduct the research, prepare a working papers file and a letter to your client (me) who  has the tax situation in C6-60 Page 6-33. See Appendix A in the textbook for an  example of the document you should submit in Week 9. You can work on this  assignment with your classmates in the Coffee House, but each student must submit a  paper.   Your paper should include the following: 1. Index Page  2. Determine the facts information  3. Identify the Issues  4. Locate and Document all Applicable authories (you can incorporate a PDF of the  laws if you like) 
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Your analysis of the Applicable Authorities as they relate to facts of the case 6. Memo to the file regarding you that summarizes your analysis and conclusions as in Appendix A 7. A letter to the Client from your firm The Research paper is due Sunday June 5, 2011. Please make sure you include all the information in the Index to Tax Research File , see page A-1. Extra Credit Assignment - C11-63 (maximum 100 points) Prepare the 2010 tax return for Bottle-Up, Inc. The assignment is due Sunday June 5, 2011....
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