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Problem Set 3 1.a) 5’ AAUUAAAUGGCAAUUGGCCAUGACACCGCUUCAUGACCU 3’ b) met-ala-ile-gly-his-asp-thr-ala-ser 2. a)tRNA is the molecule that carries the anticodon and an appropriate amino acid. It interacts with mRNA via the ribosome and attaches the appropriate amino acid to the growing polypeptide. Unlike mRNA and rRNA, tRNA has an anticodon, attaches to a single amino acid, and exists in the cytoplasm. b) mRNA is the messenger molecule that is created during the transcription of DNA. Unlike DNA, mRNA does not require a primer. In eukaryotes, mRNA is edited to remove exons. Also in eukaryotes, mRNA is transferred from the nucleus into the cytoplasm to begin protein synthesis by first interacting with a ribosome. mRNA, in contrast with rRNA and tRNA, is initially synthesized in the nucleus of eukaryotes, and does not directly interact with individual amino acids. The synthesis of proteins is carried out with a tRNA intermediate. c)
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