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Water quality summary


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CHARACTERISTICS OF WATER POLLUTANTS Pollutant Sources Effects Fate Treatment Pathogens: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worms Sewage, sludge, runoff Human disease: typhoid, cholera, schistosomiasis, trachoma, giardia Die-off, parasitic cycle Disinfection of drinking water, water management Oxygen consuming material: carbon and nitrogen compounds (BOD, COD) Sewage and sludge, runoff, industrial discharges Low oxygen levels, death of aquatic organisms, unpleasant odor and taste Oxidation, settling to bottom Biological (secondary) treatment, source control Nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous Sewage, agricultural runoff, some industries Algal growth (eutrophication), low oxygen levels, odor and taste, pH changes, toxic to humans Uptake by algae, sinking to bottom Source control, tertiary treatment Suspended solids (TSS) Dredged material, sewage and sludge, industrial discharges Death of benthic organisms, poor visibility, odor and taste Settling, degradation Settling tanks, filtration, source reduction Thermal (water temperature increase)
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