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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Civil and Environmental Engineering Department CEE 110 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers Spring Quarter 2011 M-W 12-2 PM Franz 1178 Prof. K. D. Stolzenbach 5732J Boelter Hall, 206-7624 [email protected] Problem Set 1 (due Wednesday April 6, 2011) _____________________________________________________________________________ [Note: where appropriate the numerical answers are given in brackets] 1. For the following data description identify the five W’s, name the variables, classify each variable as categorical or quantitative, and, for any quantitative variable, identify the units in which it was measured (or note that they were not provided): In 2002, Consumer Reports published an article evaluating refrigerators. It listed 41 models, giving the brand name, cost, size (cu ft), type (such as top-freezer), estimated annual energy cost, an overall rating (good, excellent, etc.), and the repair history for that brand (percentage requiring repairs over the past 5 years. 2. A 1975 article in the magazine Science examined the graduate admissions process at Berkeley for gender bias. The table below shows the number of applicants accepted to each of the graduate programs. Program Number Males Accepted (of applicants) Females Accepted (of applicants) 1 511 of 825 89 of 108 2 352 of 560 17 of 25 3 137 of 407 132 0f 375 4 22 of 373 24 of 341 Total 1022 of 2165 262 of 849 a) What percent of total applicants were admitted? [42.6%] b) Overall, were a higher percentage of males or females admitted? [males 47.2%, females 30.9%] c) Compare the percentage of males and females admitted in each program. [females higher in every program] d) Which of the comparisons you made do you consider the most valid? Why?
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3. Following is a list of the number of hazardous waste sites in each of the 50 states of the
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