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Biology 313 Fall 2007 Problem Set 4 (14 pts) 1. (4 pts) Two techniques commonly used in recombinant DNA work are Southern blotting and Northern blotting. A. Give a brief description (in your own words) of each of these techniques. B. For each technique, describe one instance in which you would need to use it, and explain why in this instance the information that it would give would be essential. 2. (3 pts). You have been given a fragment of human DNA that contains some open reading frame sequence. How would you determine whether this was a gene or a pseudogene? Explain what type of analysis you would do and what results you would expect and how they would distinguish between the two possibilities. 3. (4 points) Searching for a vial of valuable human genomic DNA in an old lab you discover a tube labeled: “genomic DNA from ***”. The label is blurred so that you
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Unformatted text preview: cannot tell what species this is. Describe the experiment or experiments that you could do to determine whether this is human DNA or Drosophila DNA, and indicate the results you would expect from your experiment(s) if this vial actually is human DNA. 4. (3 points) A new human cancer has been isolated and gene therapy is being considered as a possible treatment. To decide whether to go ahead, it is essential to discover the nature of the cancer-causing mutation. The normal allele of this gene has been mapped and cloned. There are two choices for the cancer-causing mutation: (1) a loss-of-function mutation in a tumor suppressor gene (2) a new oncogene. Decribe the test(s) you would do to discover which is correct, and give a brief description of the results you would expect from your test(s) and how those results allow you to make a conclusion....
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