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KindsOfTransportation - You need to travel from your home...

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You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice. If I had to travel 40 miles away from my home I would be considering the following means of transportations: a car, bicycle and bus. Every of this methods of transportation has advantages as well as disadvantages. In this essay I will analyze all of them and present my view in favor of traveling by a car. Traveling by bus brings many benefits. First of all, one does not have to drive. So, I can just relax and enjoy the view from my window. Second of all, it is cheaper. I will not have to buy gasoline or pay for the car insurance. However, traveling by bus has a few disadvantages as well. For example, I will have to follow the bus schedule. Another important aspect, I will not be able to arrange the speed or make a stop when I need to. From the other hand, traveling by bicycle is a great exercise. Secondly, it is pollution free.
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