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1 CS 2710 / ISSP 2160: Artificial Intelligence MIDTERM EXAM Fall 2009 This exam is closed book and closed notes. It consists of several parts. The first part is true/false. The second part is problem solving. The third part is short answer. Each question is labeled with its point value. If you are spending too much time on a question, skip it and go on, coming back if you have time. Student Name___________________________________________ Please also put your name on every page (in case pages get accidentally unstapled) Question Score I. True/False 1-10 (20 pts) II. Problem Solving 70 points Search 1 (15 pts) Constraints 2 (15 pts) Games 3 (15 pts) Propositional Logic 4 (10 pts) First Order Logic 5 (15 pts) III. Short Answer 1-3 ( 10 pts) Total 100 pts
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2 Part I – True/False. 20 points total. Each problem is worth 2 points. Incorrect answers are worth 0 points. Skipped questions are worth 1 point. 1. True/False. Depth-first search is an optimal uninformed search technique. 2. True/False. On problems with many repeated states, GRAPH-SEARCH is more efficient than TREE-SEARCH. 3. True/False. The minimum remaining value heuristic is a domain-dependent method for deciding which variable to choose next in a backtracking search. 4. True/False. Every existentially quantified sentence in first-order logic is true in any model that contains exactly one object. 5. True/False. The clauses P(F(A,G(A))) and P(F(x,y)) resolve to produce the empty clause. 6. True/False. Simple hill climbing is a complete algorithm for solving constraint statisfaction problems. 7. True/False. Breadth-first search is complete if the state space has infinite depth but finite branching factor. 8. True/False.
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cs2710mid09v2 - CS 2710 / ISSP 2160: Artificial...

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