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actionInstance(sd1). typeof(sd1,dance). agentof(sd1,sally). objectof(sd1,fd1). isObjectType(folk-dance). isObjectInstance(fd1). typeof(fd1,folk-dance). timeof(sd1,oct142002). physicalActivity(garden). physicalActivity(dance). intellectualActivity(program). artisticActivity(paint). artisticActivity(dance). #If someone did an artistic activity at least once, then that person is
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Unformatted text preview: # somewhatArtistic. #all A,P,T actionInstance(P) and agentof(P,A) and # typeof(P,T) and artisticActivity(T) --> somewhatArtistic(A).-actionInstance(var_P5)|-agentof(var_P5,var_A5)|-typeof(var_P5,var_T5)|-artisticActivity(var_T5)| somewhatArtistic(var_A5).-somewhatArtistic(sally)....
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