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Discussion-Mental Disorders

Discussion-Mental Disorders - Discussion Mental Disorders...

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Discussion: Mental Disorders DSM: Diagnostic statistical Mental disorders. Called ICD in Europe. We are in version 4. The idea behind this was to increase the reliability of diagnosing mental disorders. Basically any person going for a diagnosis should receive the same prognosis. So DSM classifies disorders based on symptoms. For any given disorders, you have certain symptoms and you need to meet minimum symptoms to be diagnosed as suffering from it. There is no brain scan etc. that can distinguish certain mental disorders, so DSM needs to have high reliability. DSM has five axis. 1. Clinical Disorders and developmental learning disorders. (anxiety disorders , schizophrenia, autism etc.) 2. Personality disorders and mental retardation. (Grouped together based on pervasive definition). 3. Acute medical conditions. 4. Psychosocial factors or environmental factors. (Poverty, divorce, chronically ill relative etc.) 5. GAF (a 0 to 100 scale). Description of level of functioning of person. Really low score
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