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problem set 4 key - Problem Set 4 1 In Southern blotting...

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Problem Set 4 1. In Southern blotting, DNA fragments are first separated by gel electrophoresis. The DNA pieces are then transferred onto a filter by capillary action. The DNA pieces on the filter are then introduced to probes with radioactive labels. The filter is rinsed to remove excess probe, and the filter is visualized on an X-ray film. The pieces of DNA that contain the complementary sequences will show up on the X-ray film because of the radioactive labels. Southern blotting can be used to determine if a given DNA sample is from a known genome, because of the unique sizes of DNA pieces that can be obtained with restriction enzymes. In Northern blotting, similar techniques are used to analyze mRNA sequences. mRNA is extracted from cells and separated by electrophoresis. The bands are transferred to a filter and introduced to radioactive probes. The pieces of mRNA that carry complementary sequences to the probe will show up as bands on X-ray film. This technique is very useful for determining whether a certain mRNA fragment is present in a cell, and by extension, whether a particular protein is present in a particular tissue. If trying to determine the proteins present or lacking in a mutated cell, Northern blotting
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problem set 4 key - Problem Set 4 1 In Southern blotting...

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