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Brain and Learning

Brain and Learning - Conditioned association linked to...

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Cortex: 3 mm thick. (Unsure) Folded because increase in Surface area without increase in volume. Association Areas: Highest, most recently evolved. Proportionally larger in humans. Selection for brain fitness. Reductionism: Definition in slides. Synapse highly significant, e.g. behavior due to prozaic Learn Sensitization Engram: Memory Trace Cats: Highly developed cerebellum so always land on feet. Nucleus: Implies a cluster of neurons and not a cell nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: Conditioned association linked to cerebellum by Thomsons attempt to discover an engram which he did successfully Tone CS: To auditory cortex but then goes to Cerebellum. The UCS and CS are believed to come together at the Cerebellum and this neural connection is destroyed in Thomsons experiment in the rat. “g” in psychology refers to general intelligence Neuro-economics, Neuro-marketing...
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