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Psychology 100 Fall 2008 Madigan How I Study for Psychology 100 This is description of study habits was written by a USC student, Timothy Fellows. It sure worked for him (A++). Interestingly, what he does is exactly what modern theories of learning and remembering says should be done. A) Reading 1. I always do the reading prior to a lecture 2. I underline and highlight important points as I go along 3. I will re-read a section until I understand it 4. I have a “reading notebook” into which I copy all bolded terms and their definitions 5. I try to anticipate test questions, based on the style of previous questions and their answers Time: 1-2 hours per reading assignment, depending on reading B) Lecture 1. I don’t miss lectures 2. I like to sit up front, where I will be less distracted and more likely to hear 3. I take notes furiously directly on the lecture slide print-out, adding all extra Information the professor gives 4. I answer rhetorical questions during lecture in my head to test my retention of the
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How_I_Study_for_Psychology_100_Fall_2008 - Psychology 100...

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