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Paper _3 Instructions - Fall 2008

Paper _3 Instructions - Fall 2008 - PSYC 100 Fall 2008...

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PSYC 100 Fall 2008 Madigan Page 1 Paper #3: Social Influence and Social Cognition Instructions Same general idea as Paper #1 : A description of TWO personal experiences involving a phenomenon of social influence and a phenomenon of social cognition (one of each), along with an analysis of them in terms of psychological research and theory. Sample topics can include: • Attribution Theory • Attitude Formation and Change • Persuasion • Cognitive Dissonance • Conforming Helping Impression Formation Behavior in Groups Review Chapters 13 and 14 in the textbook for other topics, examples, and analytical tools. An example of social cognition can be found in Chapter 13 and one of social influence can be found in Chapter 14. For a given example, it is possible that concepts from both chapters might apply. Paper Format Your paper should be organized as follows: 1. Section 1. A brief introduction that describes the purpose and content of the paper. This section should not consist of a long list of definitions.
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