PSYC 100 Fall 2008 Practice Final WITHOUT ANSWERS

PSYC 100 Fall 2008 Practice Final WITHOUT ANSWERS -...

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Psychology 100 Fall 2008 1 PSYCHOLOGY 100 – Fall 2008 - Practice Final Social Influence and Social Cognition 01. In Milgram’s experiment, which condition elicited the highest amount of compliance? a. in the presence of an obedient companion b. in the presence of the experimenter c. without having visual access to the “learner” d. in the presence of an unsure companion 02. In Asch’s experiment, which of the following factors contributed to the reduction of subjects’ conforming behavior in a task of perceptual judgment? a. subjects making their decisions privately b. the real subject being of below-average intelligence c. everyone else in the room conforming d. the group including about 4-5 other people 03. Which of the following did NOT greatly reduce the amount of obedience in Milgram’s experiment? a. orders given by a low-status experimenter b. presence of another subject who objected c. orders given by a male experimenter to a female subject d. instructions to use dangerous as opposed to milder levels of punishment 04. In lecture, Dr. Madigan spoke about the story of The Fox and The Grapes. In line with the principle of cognitive dissonance, the fox in the story did what in response to being unable to reach the grapes? a. thought of another way to get the grapes b. felt greater desire for the grapes c. changed his attitude about the grapes’ tastiness d. got his friends to help him 05. Which of the following does NOT promote the occurrence of groupthink? a. dividing the group into smaller groups b. the presence of a directive leader c. high cohesiveness d. insulation from outside input 06. The following is an example of a stereotype threat: a. a female performs less well on a math exam than her real ability would predict because she knows that females are expected to perform badly on math tasks b. an Asian student becomes anxious about an IQ test being given at school because Asian students are expected to exhibit high IQs c. neither (a) nor (b) d. both (a) and (b)
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Psychology 100 Fall 2008 2 07. According to the text, in this experiment, combining the “pregiving” and “foot-in-the-door” techniques of persuasion did not work well, probably because: a. potential donors can’t keep track of all of the information involved b. the “pregiving” influence of reciprocity and the “foot-in the-door” influence of dissonance reduction cancel out one another c. the level of cognitive dissonance was so high that it made potential donors angry d. all of the above seemed to be at work 08. A concern regarding the Milgram obedience study is that of: a. mundane deception b. inappropriate control groups c. ethics d. inappropriate analysis Freud/Psychodynamic Theory 09. In classical Freudian theory, the “psychosexual stages” normally occur in what order? a. oral - anal - genital
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PSYC 100 Fall 2008 Practice Final WITHOUT ANSWERS -...

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