Review Sheet Test 3 Spring 2008

Review Sheet Test 3 Spring 2008 - Trait concept Inhibited...

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Psychology 100 Fall 2008 Madigan PSYCHOLOGY 100 REVIEW TEST 3 Heritable trait examples IQ score Child-environment interactions General intelligence “Niche seeking” IQ test validity Adopted children: resemblances Down syndrome Heterosis The Flynn effect Heritability definition Memory and intelligence Heritability estimation Sensory systems: sex difference Genes and generations Cognitive sex differences Methods of testing heritability Trait similarity in MZs Non-genomic transmission Non-shared environment influences Cross-fostering Phenotype-genotype distinction Epigenetics Traits and situations Instability Big Five scales Neuroticism Personality test validity Socially inhibited children Projective tests
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Unformatted text preview: Trait concept Inhibited children Orginal IQ measurement Identifying basic traits Memory and intelligence Factor analysis Gender identity development Test validity & reliability Infant-parent interaction: sex differences Within-family differences Aggression: Sex Differences Fluid and crystallized intelligence Short Essay Questions 1. Big Five traits and their psychological.behavioral meaning 2. Validating a personality assessment test 3. Fluid-crystallizeed interlligence concepts and influence of aging on them 4. Comparing males and females in sensory, perceptual, verbal, memory tasks 5. g factor of intelligence and specific abilities 6. Male-female personality differences and their changes with aging....
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