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A Child's Need to Fit In As children, everyone feels the need to fit in; always wanting to be the "c@l kid", the child who everyone else follows. It is human nature to want to be accepted and to be the model for others to follow. While some people can accomplish that goal of being the leader and not the follower; that is not always the case for everyone. For every leader needs followers and all followers need a leader. In order for leaders to get their followers to follow, they most convince them to conform. In other words, followers must "buy in" to what the leader is trying to do. This means that every person who wants to be a part of this group must go with the flow in order to fit in with the group that is forming. This is what is called normntive influence. Normative influence as defined in the Psychology book, is "social influence that works through the person's desire to be part of a group or to be approved by others" (Gray, 20{)/7, p. 506). However, the exact opposite of normative influence is informationnl influerrce. kfformational influence as described by the Psychology book is a "social influence that works through providing clues about the objective nature of an event or situation" (Gray, 2W7, p. 506). In other words, informational influence helps a person learn from other's mistakes and allows them
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Social_influence_social_cognition_Sample_Paper__2 - A...

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