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sample exam NUTRITION - By Ramesh C.Reddy Pittsburgh...

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By Ramesh C.Reddy Pittsburgh Standard Tuesday, September 26, 2006 Editors Note: After spending time in prayer to the Lord Jesus to help me study for the exam, I have prepared my own sample exam multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks in anticipation of the real exam. I wanted to share them with you all on this site to help you study if you think it would be helpful. If you do not know what each term in the multiple choice means, I would go over those terms. Use the glossary in our textbook to help you study including the chapters. Some of the terms do not exist. I do not know if the real exam will be easier than the one I prepared to help me study or if it will be harder. I wrote 50 multiple choice questions for the five chapters. These questions do not cover all the material in the notes or textbook but are a good way to study material you do not know the correct answer to! Remember, our test does need a bit of memorization since that s the only way we can get the fill in the blanks right so I would approach the multiple choice questions as fill in the blanks first. If you don t know the answer, then look at the choices and try to figure out the answer. Have your notes and textbook ready! I do hope it helps you all to study! Take this sample exam in test conditions and see how well you will do and where you need to brush up on! 1) These are the functions of body protein A. Immune function where antibodies attach bacteria and viruses B. Fluid balance where blood proteins attract fluid. C. Acid base balance where proteins act as buffer D. Transport lipoproteins and other carrier molecules E. All of the Above 2) You need increased protein needs when you have A.PhysicalStress B.Injury C.Intense weighttraining D. All of the Above E. None of the Above 3) Food sources of Omega 6 fatty acids are A.Leafy vegetables B. Seeds, Nuts, Grain C. Vegetable Oils D. Poultry Fat E. All of the Above 4) Forms fatty deposits in the arteries which may lead to narrowing of the arteries, restricted blood flow and eventually to heart attack or stroke.
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A. Alcohol B. Smoking C. Cholesterol D. Fatty acids E. None of the Above 5) All of the following are soluble fibers except A. Whole grain products B. Oat Products C. Barley Products D. Legumes Products E. None of the Above 6) Soluble fiber is shown to be effective in all of the following except A. Reducing
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sample exam NUTRITION - By Ramesh C.Reddy Pittsburgh...

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