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Kayla Abeyta Biology Post Lab 10/18/11 1) It is not possible for Rf values to exceed 1 because the distance the solution traveled farther on the paper than the substances. 2) b) From the graph above, the graph shows that the more thylakoids there are the faster the rate of electron transport because the more thylakoids there are the more space there is to have photosynthesis to take place in the first place. 3) Plants contain more than a single pigments so they can absorb more light because different pigments absorb different colors. 4) Phenol red changes from yellow to red when Elodea is present because chemically this is
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Unformatted text preview: what is happening as you add CO2 to water : CO2 + H2O H2Co3 (carbonic acid) H+ +HCO-3. CO2mixes with water to form carbonic acid. This causes phenol red turn yellow. However as the plant fixes CO2 the carbonic acid concentration decreases and the color indicator returns to red. 5) Variable: Amount of light Control: no light Experiment Question: Would the rate of electron transfer different with different amount of light? Hypothesis: If the amount of light increased then the rate of electron transfer would increase....
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