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Biology post lab 5 - AMPr B-Lactamase Inactivation of...

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Kayla Abeyta Biology Lab 10/4/11 1) The DNA will come out in clumps since it is being denatured and then when cooled, it will slowly come back in place of itself. 2) We used sterile equipment and made sure to have as little if not any outside contamination into the plates as possible. 3) Gene Protein Phenotype
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Unformatted text preview: AMPr B-Lactamase Inactivation of ampicillin GFP Green Flouresent Protein Glowing Green 4) The p-Glo plates served as the controls for the bacteria transformation because there was no formation of plasmids. 5) Plate 1 +pGLo LB/amp Plate 2-pGLO LB Plate 3 +pGLO amp/ara Plate 4-pGLO LB/amp...
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