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experiment 2-2 - Kayla Abeyta Section 2 Salzameda Title...

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Kayla Abeyta Section 2 Salzameda 9/27/11 Title: Hydrogen Lab 2-2 Purpose: Determine experimentally the ratio of magnesium mass to acid concentration that will maximize the amount of hydrogen gas and minimize the amount of waste. Explore the effect of acid concentration on hydrogen gas yield. Materials: Flask, cylinder, water bath, magnesium, HCl, H2SO4 Report: In this experiment the company wanted to see what ratio of magnesium mass to a certain acid concentration would maximize the amount of hydrogen gas and minimize waste at the same time. From the data that is displayed in the graph attached, and Table 3,. One aspect that was shown was that HCl was the acid that performed higher when it was in the higher mole concentrations whereas Sulfuric acid produced more hydrogen than HCl when it was at lower mole concentrations. As well as the difference between mole concentrations, when the ratios of Magnesium to hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid was produced, the ratio was higher for sulfuric acid at 1:4 magnesium to sulfuric acid. The hydrochloric acid was a 1:3 ratio. This explains that
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