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Kayla Abeyta Section 2 Salzameda 10/4/11 Title: Lab 9-1 Acidic, Basic, or Neutral? Purpose: Determine whether assigned products are acidic or basic, compare the merits of different techniques for determining whether a product is acidic or basic. Materials include: grapefruit juice, shampoo, 409, aspirin, ginger ale, salt substitute, water, pH paper, pH probe. Response: In this experiment we wanted to see what products that we tested were acidic, basic, or neutral. Shown in (Table 1) the products are shown with both pH paper readings and pH probe readings. This table also shows the difference between the paper and probe readings. Going off of the probe readings, the two most acidic products were aspirin at 2.85 and grapefruit juice at 3.55. The most basic products in the group would be the drain cleaner at 12.75 and 409 cleaner at 10.70. There was actually a significant difference in some of the products from the pH paper and the pH probe. The biggest difference would be the grapefruit juice saying the pH was 6 and the
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