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1)Water, hydrogen, methance (CH4), ammonia (NH3) 2)Biomolecules carb, fats, proteins, nucleic acids 3)He took hydrogen gas, methance, and ammonia, and shocked them with electrodes (added energy) The biomolecules would be unable to form because of oxygens electron hungry characteristics 4)Replication 5)Making a compliment of the original and then making a compliment of the compliment which is a copy of the original 6) A-U G-C Base connects to 1’ P connects to 5’ Last 2 P provides energy The charged nucleotide connects to the 3’ OH 2 P drop off and water 7) Hydrogen bonding 8) The mononucleotide base is the 1 and only compliment of the base on the RNA template The monomer has its phosphate going the opposite direction of its compliment on the template change anti-parallel, phosphates on original are going opposite direction of phosphate on compliment. 9) 3’ carbon and phospahtes covalent bond bases have hydrogen bonds Describe template-directed polymerization of RNA. What is the relative role of hydrogen versus
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