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Biology 313 Fall 2007. Problem Set 5. You must do any five (5) of these problems but may do one more for extra credit. 1. (3 points) One hypothesis for the normal function of the JIL-1 gene is that this gene’s product phosphorylates a serine amino acid in Histone 3 which alters the chromatin structure in the enhancer region of the MX gene, making the enhancer DNA accessible to regulatory proteins. Describe one experiment that you could do to test this hypothesis, and indicate the results you would expect if this were true. 2. (3 points) The activity of the eve gene in the early Drosophila embryo is proposed to be negatively regulated by the Kr gene product. Design an experiment to test this hypothesis and explain the results you would expect if this hypothesis is correct. 3. (3 points) You have isolated a new mutation that affects flower development in arabidopsis . This gene is supposed to be a B class gene. What phenotype would you expect to see in the flowers of plants that are homozygous for a lack of function allele of
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