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Soc%20005%20ANOVA%20Lab - BA BA and the respondent’s...

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Soc 005 Lab Assignment 2 In recent year, stratification researchers have examined how different cultural practices vary between individuals with different level of education. Since it is theorized that that individuals like to socialize with others who are similar to them, this has profound implications as stratification based upon education could generate certain preferences which prevent individuals from different educational and occupational classes from interacting with each other. One possible example of a preference that might vary depending on one’s level of educational attainment is an individual’s preference for wine. In order to examine whether or not wine preference varies based upon education attainment, a sample with an N of 30 was conducted. This sample measured the respondent’s level of education (HS,
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Unformatted text preview: BA, BA +) and the respondent’s preference for wine (1-10) on an ordinal scale. In order to determine whether or not wine preference is related to education, conduct an ANOVA analysis utilizing the following hypotheses: H : There is no difference in wine preference based upon education attainment H 1 : There is a difference in wine preference based up educational attainment In order to test the research hypothesis, conduct an ANOVA in which you report: 1. The Grand mean and the means scores for each group 2. The Effects for each group 3. Whether or not you rejected the null hypothesis and what led you to this conclusion 4. The Eta-Squared (Make sure to Interpret is meaning) Please write up your findings in a report format. Data for the analysis are available on iLearn....
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