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1 Syllabus Sociology 005 – Statistical Analysis Summer 2009 – Session 1 Instructor: Kristopher Proctor Phone: (951) 827-5444 E-mail: Office Location: Watkins 1213 Office Hours: Th: 12-1; 4-6 Lecture: Course Description This course focuses univariate and bivariate statistical methods within the field of sociology. This entails descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, crosstabulations (and appropriate measures of association), analysis of variance, and bivariate regressions. The main purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of statistics as they are applied in sociology. This course assumes a basic understanding of algebra, although for the most part students will only employ addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division when calculating a particular statistic. Required Text Knoke, David, George W. Bohrnstedt, and Alisa Potter Mee. 2002. Statistics for Social Data Analysis, 4 th Edition . Belmont: Wadworth/Thompson Learning.
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Syllabus%20-%20Soc%20005%20-%20Summer%201%20-%202009 -...

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