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1 Summary 1 – Connell Summary R.W. Connell makes three pivotal points within her article, “Change among the Gatekeepers”, the regards gender equality in the global arena. First Connell argues that men are the gatekeepers to equality between the two. This is because men have access to resources, authority, and skills that may be important in social change. Men and boys are this, in several ways, gatekeepers for gender equality. Whether they are willing gatekeepers who will support practical reforms, is an important question. The point is that men who believe in gender equality can do a great deal. Second, Connell discusses the diversity of masculinities and the male movements worldwide. Like for example, on one side homosexual men are mobilizing in antidiscrimination campaigns and in community responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The complete opposite would be conservative religious organizations (Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist) controlled by men sometimes completely ignore women. The same organizations have often been used as a means to oppose the emancipation of women. At the same time, “transnational media organizations, such as ideology,” and “neoliberalism can function as a form of masculinity politics largely because of the powerful role of the state in gender role as well.” Lastly, Connell states that’s we now have a more sophisticated and detailed scientific understanding of issues about men, masculinities, and gender that ever before,” such that, through clearly given the diversity of politics (Connells p. 362). I just might be possible that gender equality might someday become
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Summary 1 Connell - 1 Summary 1 Connell Summary R.W Connell...

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