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BIS2C Winter 2011 1 BIS2C Study Guide: Metazoans Trees as road maps Be familiar with the phylogenetic relationships of the major clades of animals, and the distribution of characters on the tree. Practice drawing trees in which you label both taxa and traits. In your textbook ( Life , 9 th edition) the following are useful summary trees: Figures 31.1, 32.1, and 33.1. If you have the 8 th edition be sure to check the relevant figure from the 9 th edition (available on the lecture PowerPoint slides) because the trees have changed between the two editions. With respect to Figure 31.1 (overview of relationships among major animal groups) be aware of how recent molecular phylogenetic studies have changed this picture. Take the characteristics of each major group of animals (with respect to body form, presence/absence of gut, nervous system, reproduction, etc.) and summarize this information in a taxon by character matrix. Then plot the characters on a tree (or trees). Other visual aids
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BIS2C+Final+Exam+Study+Guide+-+Metazoa - BIS2C Winter 2011...

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