Spring+BIS2C+MT-KEY - 1 NAME: Last First TA: Biological...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 NAME: Last First TA: Biological Sciences 2C (Sinha & Keen) Spring 2011 Midterm #2 Please Read the Instructions First . Check your pages--there are 8 pages in this exam (including this page). You are responsible for making sure that you have all the pages. This examination is worth 100 points (AND 4 BONUS POINTS). Please bubble in the 9 digits of your student ID number on your scantron. Mark Test Form A. Matching ploidy questions 15 questions at 2 points each: 30 points total True/False questions15 questions at 2 points each: 30 points total Multiple Choice Questions15 questions worth 2 pts each: 30 points total 1. Indicate your answers on the scantron sheet using a number 2 or a test scoring pencil. Press heavily, dont stray out of the margins and completely erase any changed answers. 2. Circle your answers on the page. 3. If you think that a multiple choice question is ambiguous or confusing, use the explanation sheet at the end of the examination to explain the problem. Put your name, TA, Lab section on this sheetwe tear them off to read them! Fill-in Questions--5 questions, worth 10 points total 1. Use pen only (no grade corrections for pencil). 2. Write only one answer per question-- you will not be given any credit if you write two different answers to the question . 3. Be specific and focused; do not expect the graders to read between the lines. 4. Choice of terms you can use is provided. There are also 2 bonus questions (page 7) worth 4 points total You have 50 minutes, so budget your time leave enough time to complete the last fill-in section. Page 6: ______________ 2 For questions 1-15, use answers from choices a to d (2 points each). What is the ploidy level of each of the following structures? Hint : all parts of the gametophyte have the same ploidy level, as do all parts of the sporophyte. Also, some structures have the same ploidy level in whatever group they occur. a. Haploid (1n) b. Diploid (2n) c. Triploid (3n) d. Dikaryotic (n+n) 1. Zygote of a chytrid b 2. Spore of a moss a 3. Stalk, or non-spore producing part of a mushroom d 4. Conidium of an ascomycete a 5. Leaf-like structures on a moss a 6. Leaf of an angiosperm b 7. Starchy tissue in a corn kernel that the embryo is embedded in c 8. Nourishing tissue surrounding the embryo in a pine seed a 9. Egg cell of an angiosperm a 10. Embryo of a conifer b 11. Basidiospore of a mushroom 11....
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Spring+BIS2C+MT-KEY - 1 NAME: Last First TA: Biological...

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