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New Graduation Project Ideas for First Semester 2011/2012 Instructor Project Title Description Aziz   Qaroush Mobile application   to help the blind   read printed text This application is based on the idea of helping the blind to facilitate the process of reading printed texts through the mobile device using modern technique. The application works on processing the printed text and turning it into an audio file that can be heard through the mobile device . Aziz   Qaroush IP Camera for   security purpose An IP Network Video Camera is a Camera with a built in web server that can be controlled and monitored via High-Speed Internet Access. The purpose of this project is to process and recognize the images or frames sent from the camera for security purposes . Hanna   Bullata Hand-held device   for medical staff The project is a continuation to the work that has been started this year using the beagle board. The aim is to add to the functionality of that device and make it interface with more medical instruments and thus more useful to the medical staff. In addition, the objective is to inform medical personnel about events going on (e.g. emergency situation, calendar, etc .( Hanna   Bullata Drawing bitmaps   using water The idea of the project is to draw bitmaps using water valves arranged in a single row and that are computer controlled. The bitmaps should be designed using a computer interface and then downloaded onto a special hardware that will control the valves . Amna   Elayan Automatic   Borrowing Book   System using RFID The libraries have started applying RFID as a substitute for the barcode system. With the old barcode system, the library would put barcodes on newly procured books and other reading materials before keying in each specific barcode into the computer. Moreover, books and data were tagged with magnetic bars to prevent theft by making beeping sound. However, by means of RFID, the books and other library materials have RFID tags before the reader enters relevant information into the computer. Likewise, an anti-theft system makes beeping sounds
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New_Graduation_Project_Ideas_Fall_2011-2012 -...

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