sample midterm 1 - CSci 4511 Sample Midterm 1 Closed book...

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CSci 4511 Sample Midterm 1 Closed book, notes, laptop, cell phone The following are questions i considered asking on Midterm 1. i eventually chose 16 other problems and so am publishing these as practice questions. The material here and on the exam are roughly the same - minimax, local search and lots of A*. Easier Questions 1. The distance from a node to the goal is 10. A heuristic has returned the following estimated distances. For each one, mark whether they are from a possibly admissible heuristic (T/F). a. 15 b. 10 c. 5 d. 0 e. -10 2. State whether the following admissible heuristics are Useful, Not Useful or Dominant. a. h1(n) = straight line distance b. h2(n) = 0 c. h3(n) = max(h1, h2) d. h4(n) = min(h1, h2) 3. In A*, if h(n) c(n,a,goal) then f(n) < C*. This is independent of g(n) even though , f(n)=g(n)+h(n). Why? 4. In what sense is A* preferable to IDA*? 5. Which algorithm we use depends on the specific needs (i.e., fast run-time performance) and properties (i.e., non-determinism) of the problem and algorithm. Name two (not counting run- time performance and non-deterministic environments). 6. Name three differences between breadth-first and depth-first search (other than that one searches breadth first and the other searches depth first). Normal Questions 7. What is the "no path" run-time problem? How does hierarchical path finding help? 8. A common problem in local search is local maxima. Name two ways to combat this problem.
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sample midterm 1 - CSci 4511 Sample Midterm 1 Closed book...

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