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Artificial Intelligence ENCS 434 Seminar #1 Deadline:15/11/2011 This assignment is for groups of up to three students each. Each group must choose one of the following topics. 1. Information Retrieval and Natural Language processing 2. Arabic Natural Language processing 3. WordNet and Arabic Wordnet 4. Business Rules Engines 5. RDF and semantic Web 6. Arabic Ontology - The basics 7. Arabic Ontology- Matching Function 8. Lexical Semantics 9. Fuzzy logic and Probabilistic Reasoning
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Chess and AI 11. Technological Singularity 12. Strange loops & Self-reference 13. Neuro Vision 14. Computational Creativity 15. Society Of Mind 16. Philosophical Foundations of AI 17. Semantic Web 18. Genetic Algorithms 19. Intrusion Detection Using Hybrid Neural Networks 20. The Turing Test 21. Swarm Intelligence 22. Cognitive Architecture and Artificial Consciousness...
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