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Econ 144-2 - employers behave “individual economic...

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Econ 144-2 17:01 Discrimination vs. inequality Discrimination – choosing someone over another because of what they look like Inequality – disparity in opportunity for socioeconomic advancement based on race Demographics – total number of people is 301.5 million White – 75% ? Hispanic – 15.1% ? Black – 12.4% ? Asian – 4.4% ? Native Americans - .8% ? Economics – study of the distribution of goods and services both produced and  consumed Macroeconomics – relationship of employment, prices, interest rates, inflation Microeconomics – supplies and demands, the individual companies, how consumers or 
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Unformatted text preview: employers behave, “individual economic agents” Human capital investment – theory applications Rationality – balancing costs and benefits (not only monetary) to maximize personal advantage. The benefits – costs >= 0. Present value (life time earnings with – life time earnings without) >= present value cost Racial differences in attainment – Inequality in higher education. Preparedness, social rules and customs, affordability Asians 52.3% (obtaining college degree or more) Whites 29.9% Blacks 19.3% Hispanic/Latino 13.2% Information Access 17:01 17:01...
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  • life time, individual economic agents, Human Capital Investment, higher education. Preparedness, Inequality – disparity

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Econ 144-2 - employers behave “individual economic...

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