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econ144-10 - Econ 144 10 Discussion questions 1 A lot of...

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Econ 144 – 10 Discussion questions: 1. A lot of the way they viewed their mission had to do with the christian religion, rationalization because of divine right. Native Americans were letting land go to waste, so it was the settler's divine right to intervene. They were influenced from the war with ireland – barbarians and savages, they were going to encounter these types of people in the new world. Impression – commodity and exotic, take them and bring them back and put them on display. North and South – one was that the virginia settlement occurred prior to the one in new england, they had less to go on. South developed over time, and there were times for peace, but when times were sour – they had to slaughter and steal from the native tribes (kill or be killed). 1618-1623, 400- 4500: need for space increased because their campaigns demanded more resources. 1. Puritans – god-like intent 2. Virginia – charter from a king 3. a. Different facial structures, unfriendly b. How did they split up goods and services? It depends on the New England group or the Virginian
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