Phil 164-1 - Schedule will be students that are “up for...

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Phil 164-01 16:17 Principles Non malevolence – do not do harm, distinction between killing and letting die Beneficence – we ought to benefit others, when they consent to be helped Respect for all autonomy – ought to respect that individuals decision-making Truth telling in medicine – benefiting the patient to withhold information from him Justice – fair treatment, equitable distribution of limited resources Right to healthcare, example? Being morally obligated doesn’t mean the other person  has a right to receive it.  Right vs. moral right to healthcare, legal vs. moral right Journal articles, very technical articles on SPAAAAAHK Exams 10-15 questions, very focused. Fill in the blanks, short answer, short paragraphs. No  long essays! Very specific things. “Up for the day”
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Unformatted text preview: Schedule will be students that are “up for the day”, twice for the semester, be able to field some questions Writing assignments, 1 of the 2 times. Essay 250-500 words on any topic we’ve discussed. Analysis. Take a position and argue. Printed copy and emailed copy Text: start reading chapter 1, moral norms. Skip to chapter 9, moral theories. Then chapter 2. Sense of practical rationality – what you should do, normative: ought and should, right and wrong This is not a moral right and wrong Rules of etiquette, not morally wrong to eat soup a different way Rational thing to do is immoral Morality – code of conduct, you may have a moral obligation to follow these rules Harm to others, oneself 16:17 16:17...
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Phil 164-1 - Schedule will be students that are “up for...

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