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phil 164-2 - Phil 164 I Second chapter in Beauchamp and...

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Phil – 164 – 10/17/11 I. Second chapter in Beauchamp and Childress – reading II. Good will – capability to act on a principle A. from duty – if and only if the person acts out of reverence for the moral law B. Kant's understanding of moral law is prescription of reason by rational being – whatever his circumstances or whatever his aim or ends happens to be i. it applies to everyone, regardless of what their aim or end might be C. Acting from duty and acting according to duty i. his reason for charging customers the same is to maximize profits – according to duty ii. his reason for charging customers the same is out of respect for the moral law – from duty D. People can act on maxims – if they're universal (according to the CI procedure), then that act is morally permissible (policy of action – agent specified, circumstance specified, end is specified) i. a world in which this maxim is a universal law of nature – if that word is coherently conceivable, the maxim is morally permissible ii.
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