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Phil 164-3 - A 3 card that you have to turn over(If a card...

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Phil 164-3 15:10 Studying – studying the material that we covered in the previous class, the other is  preparing for the other class The handout, use the notes, understand each idea. Also read the textbook and raise  questions. “As long as you’re working hard, you’re going to do ok”. Directions on the reading: common morality, and their assertion that the common  morality is universal in nature.  First chapter Quickly, the discussion of moralities as non-universal. More attention to moral dilemmas. General ideas on the framework of moral norms. Moral diversity and moral disagreement. Moral theories – 333 to 356, 3 types of theories. Read and we’ll discuss them. Conditionals and universal claims… Every Honda Civic is blue (If a car is a Honda civic, then it is blue). We can say that if  the car is a Honda Civic and it’s not blue, then the conditional statement is false.
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Unformatted text preview: A, 3 card that you have to turn over. (If a card has a vowel on one side, it has an even number on the other side.) A is a real test, antecedent is true. 4 cards: everyone who drinks alcohol is over 21 years of age. Coke 16 Beer 24. If a person drinks alcohol, then they are over 21 years of age. Explain why card A and card 3 are the only ones necessary. Deductive and non-deductive Deductive: We assume all the premises are true (regardless of what is factual). Non-deductive: All the conditions are true, but the conclusion may not be true. Deductively valid, but the premises are false. Then the deductive argument is unsound. For every invalid argument, there is a story. Counterexample shows that it’s false. Modus Ponens, Modus Tollens 15:10 15:10...
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Phil 164-3 - A 3 card that you have to turn over(If a card...

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