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Nozick's notion of rights as side constraints: treating rights as side constraints? "Toy theory" - he calls utilitarianism of rights - utilitarian view that really takes rights seriously Minimization of rights violations "Patriot" act - balancing of rights, less than minimization of rights violations Angry mob example - making an example of an innocent person (violating one person's rights). This will maximize rights non-violation in the future. Uh oh! This isn't very good. We have to take the rights out of the goal, out of the ethical theory. Why are rights so important that they have to go on the side? (the constraints inviolable) Because people are inviolable, we value persons. We ought to respect persons. (Kantian respect for persons - second formulation of the categorical imperative). Any rational being - his capacity to self-legislate. The capability for morality. Virtue ethical theory - a normative ethical theory. What sort of person should I be? What does it mean to be a good person? What does it mean to be a bad person?
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