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polisci255-guest - What should we do now Trials –...

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Guest speaker for Poli Sci 255 He really thinks that Dick Chaney was a really manipulative person International Committee of the Red Cross – torture down to the next level down (Cruel Inhuman Degrading), Bush shut down this practice of torture and shipped everyone to Guantanamo Bay. Pentagon policy Worst abuse was at Abu Ghraib in Iraq 15 – 20% of prisoners were abused according to DPF. Crawford says that a would be 9/11 hijacker was tortured and his case was thrown out
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Unformatted text preview: What should we do now? Trials – underwear bomber, terrorists, are they common criminals? Should they go to federal court? What about a military trial (military commissions)? What rights do they have? How can we prosecute these people? When the next terrorist attack happens, we'll have this debate on trials and torture. Everything changed after 9/11? False....
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