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Question: What are the political consequences if the US places an embargo on China? In short, the US depends on China to stay afloat. I don’t believe though that China would be as drastically affected if this were to happen. However, the first question that we must ask is: who has the authority to place embargos in the country? The answer to that is congress and the president. This means that either the president would issue a full deceleration urging americans to stop trading with China, or congress passed a resolution stating that trade with China will be banned in all forms. We know that since the US depends on China to stay afloat, cutting them off may as well be cutting off a limb. What particular effects are in store get nitty and gritty. For example, since we’re in a globalized economy, whatever effects China and the US would have vast political repercussions over the entire world political scene. Domestically, I think that social and economic policy would need to be turned upside down. An embargo calls into question speculation as to
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