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Unformatted text preview: Subtle Energies in the Classroom: Phenomenological Research on the role of Energy in Education Marti Anderson, Subtle Energy Activism Network, Bangkok, Thailand [email protected] Theme: Social Transformation Research Domain: Education Abstract: If teachers and other educators understood the workings of classrooms and schools based upon the transfer of subtle energies and collective participation in what has been called the "sacred mind", how would this transform educational practices that have to potential to thereby transform society? How might teachers prepare themselves to be ready for whole-hearted involvement in this exchange of energies with their students? Concepts from quantum physics and an exploration of love as energy are explored. These ideas provide educators who might not be willing to accept spiritual explanations concepts to build upon as they begin to understand and experiment with the phenomena of subtle energies in educational environments ************************************************************************ Introduction: I am teaching a class. It is a class of graduate students who are teachers and I am THEIR teacher. We are exploring various approaches to teaching, each with a methodology and philosophy of its own. I've planned the lesson carefully, taking in to account who my learners are as much as I am able to; as much as I know of them. The activities I've chosen to do are ones I've done many times before. They are tried, true and effective and I've adjusted them to fit nicely – or so I think - within the flow of this particular class. But as the class unfolds, I can see that my careful plans are going nowhere. There is deep resistance to the content, approach and everything I am trying to do. I can feel it as well as read it in the students' minds. Why is there this resistance? What allows me to read and interpret students' reactions? Why did this lesson, that worked so well other times, fall flat today? What interpretations can I make about what is happening? This lesson appears to be leaving the students with frustration, resistance and a profound lack of inspiration, hardly the goal for the educational process. In another class, I find myself taking a huge risk by doing an activity whose outcome is uncertain, an activity I have never done before. The idea came to me in a dream the night before and was fleshed out while I was taking a morning shower. I have some ideas about how it might unfold and where it could lead, but overall I am trusting my intuition that it will be profitable for the learning of my students. From the moment I begin the lesson and this new activity, I feel as if I am in complete synch with the students. I almost feel as if I am reading their minds as I adjust the activity to meet their shifting needs. Needless to say, the activity and the lesson are a huge success. Students gain new, important perspectives, and I do too. More remarkable is that the whole encounter had a quality of effortlessness. I feel that I have given my best and that this the whole encounter had a quality of effortlessness....
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anderson - Subtle Energies in the Classroom...

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